Benefits Of Vitamin C

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High Dose Vitamin C Therapy | Intravenous Vitamin C\n


The benefits of Vitamin C for health are numerous. We, as humans, do not make our own vitamin c and therefore rely on supplementation to get it.\n

Vitamin C is only a vitamin to certain creatures such as humans, primates, guinea pigs, some birds and the fruit bat. All other creatures including, horses, elephants, and dogs make their own vitamin c. \n

They all make their own ascorbic acid or ascorbates.
\nVitamin C is a fundamental requirement of life. Vitamin C has many consequences, however, one of the main benefits is their ability to donate electrons. They are called electron donors, reducing agents, and they are also called antioxidants.\n

An oxidized molecule called a free radical means it is lacking an electron. The antioxidant comes along and donates an electron to it which neutralizes it. Vitamin C will travel around the body and quench all of the free radicals which helps prevent problems from arising.\n

This is the reason why we all need a certain amount of vitamin c in our daily diet. The problem is the majority of us don\u00e2\u0080\u0099t get the levels needed and we are walking around with subclinical scurvy. \n

A raw vegan diet along with organic fruits and vegetables will go along way in helping make sure you maintain adequate levels of vitamin c. Intravenous vitamin c is a fantastic way to flood your body with it and experience the health benefits.\n



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